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ABOUT SCIENCE - Modern civilization is built on science. Nearly all forms of technology from medicine to space travel are applications of science. But what exactly is science? Where did it originate? How should science be used? What would everyday life be like without it?
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Science is an organized body of knowledge about nature. It is the product of observations, common sense, rational thinking, and (sometimes) brilliant insights. People usually do science with other people it is very much a communal human endeavor. It has been built up over thousands of years and gathered from all parts of the world. Science is an enormous gift to us today, the legacy of countless thinkers and experimenters of the past. Yet science is more than a body of knowledge. It is also a method, a way ofexploring nature and discovering the order within it. While some people have a natural aptitude for scientific work, doing science is a skill that must be learned. Importantly, science is also a tool for solving physical problems. The beginnings of science go back before recorded history, when people first discovered repeating patterns in nature. They noted star patterns in the night sky, patterns in the weather, and patterns in animal migration. From these patterns, people learned to make predictions that gave them some control over their surroundings.

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