Biography and Profile of Karl Marx

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Biography and Profile of Karl Marx - Karl Marx was born in Trier, Prussia, May 5, 1818. his father, a lawyer, his family menafkai relatively well, the typical middle-class life. His parents were of Jewish priests (rabbis).

But, for reasons of his father's business became adherents of the teachings of Luther when Karl Marx was very young. In 1841 Marx received a doctorate of philosophy from the University of Berlin, the University is highly influenced by Hegel and the teacher - a young teacher adherents of Hegel's philosophy, but critical thinking. Marx doctorate in philosophy from the study can be tedious, but it is precede the study of the various ideas that emerged later.

After graduation he became a writer for a radical and liberal newspaper within 10 months he became editor in chief of the newspaper. But, .. because of his political stance, the newspaper was later shut down the government.

Essay - an essay published earlier in the period reflects a conviction that membiumbing Marx throughout his life.

Writing essays Marx sprinkle it liberally on democratic principles, he refused keabstrakat Hegelian philosophy, naive dreams of communist activists who urged utopiadan idea what he regarded as a political act prematurely. In gagasn activists reject this idea of ​​Marx lay the foundation for life itself.

Practical efforts, even in driving the mass though, will be in charge with the cannon when it is considered Berbah efforts. However, the intellectual ideas that can lead us and to conquer our beliefs, ideas that can freeze us, are fetters - the fetters in which one can only be separated from it by sacrificing his life, the ideas are like the devil so that people can only handle dengna surrendered to Marx (Marx, 1842/1977: 20)

Marx married in 1843 and soon after he was forced to leave Germany for a more libaral DAPT in Paris. In Paris he bergualat with the idea of ​​Hegel and his supporters, but he also faces two sets of new ideas - the French socialism and English political economy.

In a unique way she combines Hegelian, socialism and political economy then menentuka intellectual orientation. It is very important also is meeting with people who became lifelong friends, donors and Fredrich Engels kolabolatornyayakni (Carver, 1983) Engels child to become a ruler of a textile mill socialist who criticized kondisis face life in the working class. Many of Marx pity the misery of the working class comes from exposure to Engels and his ideas.

Marx and Engels in 1844 held a lengthy discussion at a famous café in Paris and lay the groundwork for a lifelong friendship. Engels said that discussions about "our complete agreement in all budang theory becomes real and we start the cooperative agreement since it" (McLellan, 1993:131) in the following year Engels published the works of the condition Of The Working Class in England. During that period Marx published numerous works very hard at to understand (kebenyakan not published during his lifetime), including the Holy Family and The German ideology (written with Engels) and he wrote the 1844 economic and Philosophic manuscripts to indicate his concern for the economic play increased.

Although Marx and Engels possessed the same theoretical orientation, but there are also some differences between them. Marx tends to be a lack of intellectual theoretical basis and are very family oriented.

Engels is a practical thinker, neat and orderly and employers who do not believe in family institutions. Although they are different, Marx and Engels forge close cooperation so that they berkolabirasi write books and articles and work together in radical organizations, and even helped finance the Marx Engels for the rest of his life Marx mencurahklan allowing his attention to the intellectual and political activities.

Although there is close association between the name of Marx and Engels, but Engels explained that he was a junior friend;

Marx is able to work very well without me. I have never achieved such a feat achieved in Marx. Marx's understanding of higher, further experience and his views more widely and faster than me. Genius is someone Marx (Engels, in the quotation in McLellan, 1973: 131-132)

Many believe that Engels failed to understand the ins and outs of Marx. After Marx died, Engels became the major spokesman for the Marxian theory, and in many ways distorted and too menyerderhanakannya, though he remained loyal to the political perspective that he wrought with Marx.

Because some of his writings have been disturbing the Prussian government, the French government (at the request of Prussia) expelled in 1845 and therefore Marx Marx moved to Brussels. Radikelismenya meninggkat and he became an active member in the international revolutionary movement.

He also joined the Communist League and with Engels asked to write the league's charter, the result is Communist manifestor 1848, a masterpiece of the mark by political slogans are renowned (eg 'the burh around the world unite'!).

In 1849 he moved to London and, given the failure of the political revolution of 1848, he withdrew from revolutionary activity and eyebrows to a more detailed rsiset activities of the role of system ka [capitalist. This study eventually produced three volumes of Das kapital.jilid first published in 1867;

the other two volumes published after his death. During the research and writing that he is living in poverty, finance simple life of writing and grant honorarium from Engels. Marx back in 1864 involved in political activity, joining the 'The International', a labor movement internasio nal. He was soon prominent in the movement and for several years devoted to the movement.

He started getting popularity, both as an international leader and as a writer des capital. The split of international movement in 1876, the failure of revolutionary movements and disease - the disease, making Marx finally collapsed. His wife died in 1881 and her daughter in 1882 and Marx himself died in 1883.

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